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Want to develop a story that plays in the World of BATESIAN?

Sure! That’s why we created this world!

Before you get started, read up on the World of BATESIAN, which explains, among other things, how skill transfer works. Then dive into the forum, where you will find many ideas and stories, as well as discussions on pre-production leading up to the shoot of three short film excerpts in November 2012.

Next, feel free to go ahead and create your own story in whatever media you’re working with: short film, theatre play, cartoon, music composition, whatever… Everything on this website and in the forum is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike license. This means you are free to use it as long as you mention BATESIAN and – if building on someone else’s treatment or idea – the author’s name. You also need to distribute your work under the Creative Commons same license. And you may not use your work for commercial purposes. If you want to license content on different terms, you need to contact us first.

Either way, let us know if you’re thinking of doing something by writing to us at office(at) We’re happy to hear from you and may be able to answer any questions. Also, we can tell you if any of the stories is already being developed by someone else.

Finally, send us links to any content that you have produced and we will feature it on This way we can help to promote one another’s work and provide a central base where all the stories that play in the World of BATESIAN come together.

Happy creating!

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