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posted on 11-11-2011

Here’s some info on who submitted the treatments: We think it’s great that people from so many different countries participated! Lili visualized the data on all the lovely people who submitted a treatment.


Skill transfer video

posted on 10-19-2011

We already received a video animation to show how the skill transfer works, by a director who says he’d rather be known for the treatment he’ll submit than his quick animation work :) So thank …


Interview with a Scriptwriter

posted on 10-16-2011

Today we talked to Kelly Greene, one of the first people to submit a treatment for one of the BATESIAN episodes. We wanted to ask her about her motivation to participate and what she thinks …


Four treatments and the FAQ

posted on 09-27-2011

Wow, one day after the call was out we already received four treatments… that’s what we call enthusiasm! More than treatments we’ve received questions … which made us realise that even our rather long call …


Ready, set, GO!

posted on 09-26-2011

The batesian team in action at our new office. Questions, opinions, thoughts? Leave us a comment!


Welcome to our new Office!

posted on 09-21-2011

Today we had our first meeting in our new office in Vienna! Actually, we wanted to start sending out the “Call for Treatments” but we still had some discussions on its contents … So we …


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