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Skillex Research Statement

posted on 09-24-2012

A few months ago leaked documents uncovered the research of a laboratory in Finland that works for to the internationally operating Skillex corporation. A wave of rumors, speculations and conspiracy theories followed… Just now Skillex …


“The Passersby” in production

posted on 09-18-2012

Part of our international BATESIAN team is currently producing the first short film from the BATESIAN Universe series called “The Passersby”. We are going to shoot this low-budget short film during KINO 00 in Montreal in …


Casting Call

posted on 09-11-2012

We decided to produce a Teaser for the BATESIAN-project…and for that we need some fresh actors and actresses… The story is set in a World in which a technology allows the people to transfer skills …


Decision Made!

posted on 08-22-2012

Lets skip the introduction. We decided to focus on the production of a teaser and an intro. Both will be shot during october in vienna. We formed two sub-groups to push these projects forward. They are …



posted on 08-09-2012

Decisions, decisions: how we will continue with the project Hi everyone! We’ve developed 5 different concepts for how we will continue with BATESIAN in the light of the decision of the BMUKK to finance 1/7th …


BATESIAN quo vadis?

posted on 07-04-2012

Hi everyone, we got some news from the Austrian Ministry of Art and unfortunately they have decided to not yet fund the feature film. They will give us a small amount of money (1/7 of …


A New Human Kind

posted on 06-18-2012

Skillex presents a new generation of skill transfer technology. We provide a full service. Order now and get the best price for your skill.


German script

posted on 06-15-2012

Hey Folks, We translated our script into german….download it here, read it, enjoy it…. BATESIAN deutsch   for more info check out our Forum….


New Skill Transfer Device

posted on 05-10-2012

Howdy! We got a new design for the Skill transfer device from our skilled Community-Member Joe…..! Check out the Forum for the 3D Model…


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