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Kino5 is a part of the international Kino-Movement, originated in Montreal/Canada and the Austrian branch of the European Network of Young Cinema – Nisimasa.

We offer young and independent film-makers the possibility to show their movies on a screen once a month in Vienna (Schikaneder). Besides the screenings there has been the Kino Dynamique (internationally known as KinoKabaret) which is held in Vienna once a year since 2005. Kino Dynamique is a collaborative short film festival, which offers film makers located in Austria and from all over the world to shoot and screen short films with no and low budget in a period of 36 hours and less.

The Kino network is always trying to find new, visionary projects. There is for example the Kinobus from KinoPaname in Paris, a Kino Kabaret on wheels, traveling through villages, shooting in 3 days and including the inhabitants of the villages. The Kinobus has eg. already travelled through the Balkans region and to Burkina Faso. A similar project is the Cinetrain from Nisimasa.

Our approach is to take this a step further!


There have been a couple of projects using a collaborative approach to realizie their movies, lately. Here is a selection of current projects which inspired the BATESIAN film.

Iron Sky is a feature film project which uses crowd funding, collaborative idea sharing with a internet community and social networking for the publicity to realize their project. To find out more about their approach you can watch a tutorial for crowd funding and crowd sourcing for Iron Sky.

El Cosmonauta is a Science Fiction feature film project proposing a new model of financing through crowd funding, production through creative commons and distribution without release windows.

Filmi Talgud is a feature film where nearly 1 million amateur cinephiles develop the script being guided by professional advisors.

The Underwater Realm is a series of short films set entirely underwater which is financed through crowd funding. Their approach to keep the community motivated is via a weekly videoblog which follows every step of their production.

99% (The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film) is a documentary film project showing the events of the Occupy Movement in Manhattan,New York. “Anyone with footage, camera, film skills or even just a desire to help is encouraged to get in touch. Anyone who contributes footage will be paid a set fee per amount used in the documentary.”


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