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The feature film


From the very start, we wanted to create a feature film with a collaborative approach and an international team.

We considered this to be the next step after the experience we gained from many years of organizing KinoDynamique (see Roots & Inspirations). The collaborative approach is what we’re best at: and we’re convinced that it will yield the best results for the film.

Now, it is our goal to create a feature film that entices and engages the audiences. A film that uses skills transfer as a dramaturgical tool and focuses on the consequences for the individual and society, thus also questioning aspects of the “real” world we now live in.

From the initial idea to the final film… see where we are now, what’s planned for the next stage and how you can participate.

Stage 0: Crowdsourcing
Long before the name “BATESIAN” was born, we kicked off the project by crowd-sourcing for all kinds of answers to the simple but far-reaching question: how could our world be different? We received many suggestions: a world without sex or gender, a world without locks, a world where skill transfer is possible, etc… As you know, we chose the idea of skills transfer: the concept was simple yet intriguing, with great implications for society and the individual. And we took it from there to…

Stage1: Scriptwriting
After having decided on a world where the transfer of skills is possible, we invited you to send us your treatments with stories that would play in this World of BATESIAN. We received 97 treatments from 88 people in 29 countries…

After an extensive discussion with the online community in the forum and feedback from an external jury we picked 5 treatments to be the starting points for the script. Now, we are interweaving these stories into a script.

We’ve hosted the writers’ summit at the end of February 2012 in Vienna in order to meet everyone and team up the international authors with Austrian dramaturges. After the meeting, most work will be via the internet again and we will frequently ask for your input in the forum.

At the same time, we are calling on you to help us build the society in the World of BATESIAN, which will be a crucial element of the film. If you want to participate, look out for active discussions in the forum and calls.

Stage2: Preproduction
Whilst we are still working on the script, we are also starting the pre-production work for the film. As you may imagine, there are a million things to do, such as spreading the word about BATESIAN, fundraising, discussing technical details or finding crew members for the shoot. You can help us with every one of those million things and participate in making the film happen!

Stage3: Shooting
Shooting will take place in Vienna/Austria at the end of Summer/beginning of Autumn 2012. Time is ticking away, but we are convinced that we can make it happen with your help. If you are an expert in any department on a film set or you simply want to help out, let us know!

Stage4: Postproduction
We will stick to our collaborative approach all the way through this project. So this also includes editing and post-production. It’s still a while to go, but you can already let us know now if you’re interested in helping with editing, post-production, color grading, compositing, animation, etc. by contacting us directly.

Here are the 5 Treatments we’re turning into the feature-film:

The Brenger Experiment (Máté Fazekas)
Hard Fall (Mike Hoath)
Catskills (Jerker Beckman)
The Plumber (Allen White)
Wunderkind (Jacob Holmes-Brown)
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