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I still have a lot of questions/many things aren’t clear to me.

We also have many questions and a lot of things aren’t completely worked out yet, and we will solve them as we go along. But you will find most of the information answered on this homepage. You can always contact us at office(at) if something else comes up …

Can knowledge be transferred, too?

The short answer is no, knowledge cannot be transferred. Remember that a transferable skill is a skill which a person has learned and is able to employ intuitively. Hence, there is no transfer of emotions, character traits, innate skills, or knowledge.

We believe that this definition should help clarify what is transferable and what is not in most cases. Of course, there are cases which are not as clear-cut. And if you need to stretch the definition for a good story, go ahead. Just don’t overstretch it, otherwise it won’t make sense in the context of the other episodes.




I see that funds aren’t set in stone as of yet but could you give us any clue as to what kind of budget you may be working with?

As of yet, we don’t know the numbers. The finances will be a combination of private, public and crowd funding. After having received public funding for the first stage of the project (the concept), we believe that we also have a good chance of receiving money for the shoot. This will greatly depend on the quality of the script and that’s why we’re using the collaborative approach to select the best ideas. It is our goal to provide optimal conditions for the shoot and to pay the people involved for their work. Nevertheless, it might still fall into the »low-budget« category.
If you want to find out more about the financing of the movie check out the Financing on our webpage.


How will you manage to connect the episodes? Will there be a main character like in »Four Rooms«? How will you manage to make it look like a single film?

It is the goal of the Austrian co-directors that will be working together with the selected directors to link the episodes directors. They will do this by interweaving the episodes, maybe introducing characters from other episodes and cross-referencing the stories.

If you want to find out more about the different possibilities of connecting the episodes you can check out the forum discussion on Combing the episodes: Others ways of linking.


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