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In the light of all the motivated and talented filmmakers from all over the world, that have submitted stories for our first call for treatments, we’ve selected 6 unique visions to turn them into individual short films.

But that’s not all: while we’re developing the script for the feature film and we’re looking for ways to link the short films with the feature film, for example by introducing some of the protagonists from the shorts as side-characters into the feature film…

We hope we’ve fueled your curiosity. Follow us into the forum, to see at what stage of the project we are, and who knows, maybe you even want to help in the making of one of these short films.

The six treatments we have chosen to include in BATESIAN Universe short film series are (scriptwriter in the brackets):

Home of the Future’s Past (Sabina Kufner)
Epidermis (Dirk Dumoulin & Jan Pepermans)
The Passersby (André Rios) – dir. Joe Berger (Austria), shot in Montreal October 2012, date of release 2013
Memento Glori (Bálint Márk Túri)
Sideeffects (Sorina Diaconu)
The Violinist (Marko Gregurek)

Check here the BATESIAN Universe video presentation!!!

The scripts and projects of these short films will be produced throughout 2012-2013 independently with the BATESIAN team cooperation.


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