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The Brenger Story

posted on 11-05-2012

The second shooting day of “The Brenger Experiment” took us to a theater. This is where Emma and Albert work. Emma in the cloakroom, Albert as a cleaner.

This is also where they met the first time and where their work-relationsship changes into something new.

Here’s an interview with Máté Fazekas. He shares his excitement about the realization of his script.

There are however some questions to discuss. Although the original idea for the story was developed by a single person it was developed in a collaborative way from that point on. Even before the selection of the treatment our online community gave feedback that was incorporated in the following rewrites. More than 20 people gathered for the Writers Summit developed new and re-shaped old ideas. The development of the story is not yet completed. And who knows who else might contribute.

This again raises the question of how we can achieve the challenging objective of our collective authorship. How can the result of a writing process that started with “My characters – my lines – my script” be implemented by the blood sweat and tears of the BATESIAN team that is in together to make films/teasers together. Having said that this doesn’t only concern the scriptwriting process, but all the other steps from preproduction to the silver screen. How will we then talk about the result of our work: will it be me or you and big egos or will we manage to really achieve our goal and say:  ”It’s the work of all of us – it’s a BATESIAN film!”

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