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posted on 01-05-2015

BATESIAN is a collaborative open source film project which we – a group of young filmmakers in Vienna, Austria – started in 2010.

The idea was to create a fictional world – the World of BATESIANin which new technology enables people to buy and sell skills. In the forum, people from all over the world discussed how this technological development would change our society and impact daily life.

Over 80 participants also submitted short treatments for films that would play in this fictional World of BATESIAN. You can read the treatments here in the archive. All the stories are licensed under Creative Commons, which means that anyone – you included – may take an idea, develop it further and use it to create a short film, cartoon or any other form of media. You can also develop your own stories that play in the World of BATESIAN. If you’re interested, read this.

Finally, we picked five stories and merged them into an interweaving feature film script which you can find attached. In November 2012, we shot excerpts from three of these five stories in and around Vienna to visualise what the film could look like. All three short films are very different in style and content, but they all play in the World of BATESIAN. Here you can watch the excerpts from the episodes Catskills, The Brenger Experiment and Hard Fall.

If you’re curious about the fictional World of BATESIAN, the stories we developed and the way we worked together with an international team of contributors, have a look at the website and at our forum, where all the discussions regarding content and production took place.

Currently, the forum is closed to new discussions since we cannot moderate it, but we are happy to hear from you and answer any questions… write us at office(at)

Feature Film Script: English | German

(On the photo… that’s us – the BATESIAN Vienna team and the international scriptwriters of the feature film script –  in Vienna :)

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