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Brenger Experiment Set Design

posted on 11-04-2012

The camera flies into a living-room-jungle. In the center there’s a man watering and cultivating his home grown habitat. Welcome to Albert Tabler’s apartment.

The behind-the-scenes material we gathered during the first shooting day of “The Brenger Experiment” shows how this little world was created. Click, watch and dive in.

If you don’t like moving pictures (you’re so wrong on this blog) – we’ve got some still set photos for you, too.

Máté Fazekas contributed to original idea for the script. Consequently he did continuity and script on set.

Albert is fictional – Selina is real – and so are her beloved plants she decorated the set with.

We put Mara on tracks to let him glide smoothly into Alberts home.

While the decision to use a simple skateboard-dolly really helped with our budget issues it caused some other problems. The pictures seem reasonable smooth. But the wheels were terribly noise. Apologies to our sound master Richard.

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