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About the Project


BATESIAN is a trans-media project initiated and coordinated by a group of young filmmakers in Vienna, Austria.

As for now it consists of a feature film that will be shot in Vienna in 2012 and a series of 7 short films. The background for all these films is the World of BATESIAN, a world in which technological developments have enabled people to transfer skills. In the forum, we are inviting everyone to discuss the details and impacts of this technology on society. Thus, we are collaboratively writing the World of BATESIAN.

After an international call for treatments and extensive discussion in the forum in 2011, we selected 5 treatments and 5 authors to write the script for the feature film together with us. In the timeline, you can see what’s next.

We want to produce a feature film that employs a fictional development – skills transfer – as a dramaturgical tool and focuses on the sociological and personal consequences.  We are convinced that the collaborative approach is best for this film – a result of our roots and inspirations. It is our goal to produce a feature film that inspires and touches the audience.

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