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BATESIAN in a flash

posted on 01-05-2015

BATESIAN is a collaborative open source film project which we – a group of young filmmakers in Vienna, Austria – started in 2010. The idea was to create a fictional world – the World of …


Catskills – teaser online

posted on 01-06-2015

The excerpt from the Catskills episode (one of the five episodes which we had selected for the BATESIAN feature film) is now online! The original script is by the Swedish scriptwriter and director Jerker Beckman, …


The Brenger Story

posted on 11-05-2012

The second shooting day of “The Brenger Experiment” took us to a theater. This is where Emma and Albert work. Emma in the cloakroom, Albert as a cleaner. This is also where they met the …


We got a fanbase!

posted on 11-04-2012

We got a fanbase!!! Seriously, no kidding – check it!


Brenger Experiment Set Design

posted on 11-04-2012

The camera flies into a living-room-jungle. In the center there’s a man watering and cultivating his home grown habitat. Welcome to Albert Tabler’s apartment. The behind-the-scenes material we gathered during the first shooting day of …



posted on 11-03-2012

When i talk to people about the project for the first time it usually takes me several minutes to explain what skill transfer is and how it works. In our feature and the several shorts …


The Cat Growls

posted on 11-03-2012

On wednesday “Catskills” had a full production day. And a proper one, too! We met at 8am to go to an old factory building at the border of Vienna. It is a really great location …


Second Hiccup

posted on 11-03-2012

Last tuesday the 2nd “Catskills” shoot was scheduled. At least this time it was dry enough to work outside. We had a good start. The actors had proper time to rehearse their fight choreography, our …


INTERVIEW Mara Jelinko

posted on 11-03-2012

We’ve been in contact with Mara for quite some time now since he popped up on our forum for the first time. Sorina was the first BATESIAN team member who got to work with him. …


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